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Banner Staffing specializes in supplying customers with superior professional, administrative and technical support through a broad range of services. From full project teams to execute a specific organizational function to individuals that temporarily augment a customer’s existing staff, we help people get the job done right.

Prior to deployment, we carefully screen our staff to ensure they have the right core capabilities to complete their assignments. Once assigned, we stay in regular contact with our staff and customers. Communications and responsiveness are the keys to our growth and consistent repeat business.

To fully support our clients, Banner Staffing is frequently called upon to provide support for the Information Technology and other technical services that keep business processes running smoothly and enhance productivity. To ensure that we provide the right person every time, we carefully screen each technical professional to ensure they have the tools and industry knowledge to execute all assigned tasks. Our IT and technical professionals have successfully filled critically important roles in many areas.

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Banner Staffing regularly provides high quality professional support in a variety of areas, including the following:

IT & Enterprise Solutions

We provide, integrate and optimize complex, advanced and rapidly adapting information across virtualized cloud and mobile platforms for customers who demand customized solutions. Delivering critical information when and where it is needed, we keep our federal, state, local and commercial customers better informed, connected and secure work.

In meeting diverse business needs, we create tailored end-to-end managed services and workforce augmentation solutions to provide measurable benefits, including greater efficiency, improved mission uptime and reduced costs and complexity. It is our goal to revolutionize the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of IT services.

Big Data & Analytics

Success on the field and in the boardroom is not about more data. It is about the rapid insights you can glean from that data, which can then inform your actions.

Utilizing cloud technologies, open-source software, and big-data engineering solutions from across the data landscape, we help you extract the most relevant information to generate the greatest impact on your bottom line.


With experts at the leading edge of cybersecurity, we help customers implement solutions that reduce the risks of data theft, reputation damage, and operational outages. We adapt our proven strategies for organizations of all sizes across various industries.

Collaborating with our subject matter experts in specific markets, our cybersecurity teams design programs, advise on policies, and work on-site to implement custom, scalable solutions.
Whether securing energy, transportation system, or private healthcare information, Banner helps clients mount a sophisticated defense against sophistical cyber threats.

The time to act is now. Organizations that voluntarily bolster their cybersecurity efforts can take the lead in setting standards for their sector. Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” provides companies in critical infrastructure sectors with a new, stronger cybersecurity framework.

Software & Mobility Services

Efficiencies created by new mobile technologies can significantly alter and enhance organizational processes and solve problems in new ways. To leverage these new technology opportunities, Banner Staffing helps customers move beyond commercialized solutions to integrate customized software and systems that manage every aspect of their enterprise, mission or campaign.

From clean-sheet development to COTS and GOTS software integration and mobile application design, deployment and device management, we deliver services that include, but are not restricted to the following:

Business life cycle and tactical systems software development
Mobile application design, development, deployment and support

Database Management


Application and Web Development

Human Resources Information Systems

Business Process Management

Organizations everywhere need to optimize their processes and maximize their mission effectiveness, which means targeting best practices and successful outcomes.

Whether an organization seeks improvement through incremental changes or business process transformation, Banner Staffing has a proven track record in helping those in the private or public sector dramatically increase their efficiency. Such efficiencies are achieved through the deployment of advanced information technologies, enterprise applications, and application integration, which are key ingredients to achieve best practices and successful outcomes.

Program and Acquisition Management

Program management and acquisition solutions enable federal government customers to achieve transformational objectives on time and within budget. With decade’s worth of collective experience, Banner Staffing provides a full spectrum of program and acquisition management support across the intelligence community, defense and civilian agencies.

Banner Staffing does not believe in any “one size fits all” solution to acquisitions. Rather, we work to understand the needs of our customers to solve unique business problems.

Financial Management and Analysis

Banner Staffing financial experts leverage proprietary tools and proven processes to provide customers with unparalleled cost estimating, earned value management and financial analysis support.

Knowledge Management

New Media Management

Support / Staff Augmentation

Banner Staffing takes an analytical approach to maintain a trained, experienced, and highly capable workforce ready to adapt to changing needs of customers. Our support and staff augmentation services help organizations in diverse industries and of varying sizes manage fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs to meet aggressive project timelines.

Our professionals can be “plugged in” at any stage of a project, such as a hardware and software deployment, upgrade, or change in business process to better align an organization with available technologies.

Examples of the areas in which we work include:

  • Systems Engineering & Architecture Support
  • Security Engineering Support
  • Software Engineering Support
  • Test & Certification Support
  • Deployment Coordination Support
  • Documentation/Technical Writing
  • Training

Logistics & Supply Chain

Banner Staffing does not simply push supplies out the proverbial door. Rather, we create end-to-end procurement, transportation, delivery and sustainment infrastructures that can be controlled through advanced management and maintenance software and systems developed by a mission-focused workforce of supply-chain professionals.


Banner Staffing provides complete lifecycle logistics support across a broad range of programs, including:

  • Emergency Stockpile/Warehouse/Logistics
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Operations Center Support
  • Emergency Operations and Policy Subject Matter Expertise for Preparedness, Response and Recovery
  • Economic Analysis and Modeling for Healthcare Preparedness Financing and Investments
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Inventory and Management Distribution

Supply Chain Management

Banner Staffing provides end-to-end management of your supply chain, including:

  • Product Support & Sustainment: Full lifecycle support from integrated product support to high-powered distribution with one-stop.
  • Tailored Support—from single-item ordering to distribution and delivery.
  • Facilities Maintenance Operations Required.
  • Customized Ordering—from the smallest widgets to large, prefabricated structures, we got you covered.

Scientific, Technical Services

Banner Staffing is able to offer assistance in a number of industry-specific area, including most notably the field of healthcare. Our goal within this area of our expertise is to modernize healthcare to accelerate transformation, which is why we support nationwide initiatives to improve delivery systems, integrate electronic health records, enhance population health, and sharpen emergency responsiveness.

Areas in which we can bring to bear a wide number of scalable technological solutions include:


Integration of health systems to facilitate data sharing: We modernize the healthcare system to support the collection and management of electronic health information, achieve interoperability, and transform the delivery of care to patients.

Improvement of cost efficiencies in healthcare: By using data analytics, we can better predict clinical, financial, and operational needs to improve the cost-effectiveness of care and reduce and/or eliminate financial waste and fraud.

Mitigate health threats and enable response: We solve challenges in bio-surveillance, outbreak detection, disease prevention systems, health systems security, medical supply logistics and rapid disaster/emergency responses.


Banner’s full spectrum of engineering capabilities include lifecycle programmatic and sustainment engineering, systems engineering/technical analysis/integration, modeling and simulation; and systems engineering.