IT & Enterprise Solutions

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We provide, integrate and optimize complex, advanced and rapidly adapting information across virtualized cloud and mobile platforms for customers who demand customized solutions. Delivering critical information when and where it is needed, we keep our federal, state, local and commercial customers better informed, connected and secure their work.

In meeting diverse business needs, we create tailored end-to-end managed services and workforce augmentation solutions to provide measurable benefits, including greater efficiency, improved mission uptime and reduced costs and complexity. It is our goal to revolutionize the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of IT services.

Big Data & Analytics

Success on the field and in the boardroom is not about more data. It is about the rapid insights you can glean from that data, which can then inform your actions.

Utilizing cloud technologies, open-source software, and big-data engineering solutions from across the data landscape, we help you extract the most relevant information to generate the greatest impact on your bottom line.


With experts at the leading edge of cybersecurity, we help customers implement solutions that reduce the risks of data theft, reputation damage, and operational outages. We adapt our proven strategies for organizations of all sizes across various industries.

Collaborating with our subject matter experts in specific markets, our cybersecurity teams design programs, advise on policies, and work on-site to implement custom, scalable solutions.
Whether securing energy, transportation system, or private healthcare information, Banner helps clients mount a sophisticated defense against sophistical cyber threats.

The time to act is now. Organizations that voluntarily bolster their cybersecurity efforts can take the lead in setting standards for their sector. Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” provides companies in critical infrastructure sectors with a new, stronger cybersecurity framework.

Software & Mobility Services

Efficiencies created by new mobile technologies can significantly alter and enhance organizational processes and solve problems in new ways. To leverage these new technology opportunities, Banner Staffing helps customers move beyond commercialized solutions to integrate customized software and systems that manage every aspect of their enterprise, mission or campaign.

From clean-sheet development to COTS and GOTS software integration and mobile application design, deployment and device management, we deliver services that include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Business life cycle and tactical systems software development
  • Mobile application design, development, deployment and support

Database Management


Application and Web Development

Human Resources Information Systems