Scientific, Technical Services

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Banner Staffing is able to offer assistance in a number of industry-specific area, including most notably the field of healthcare. Our goal within this area of our expertise is to modernize healthcare to accelerate transformation, which is why we support nationwide initiatives to improve delivery systems, integrate electronic health records, enhance population health, and sharpen emergency responsiveness.

Areas in which we can bring to bear a wide number of scalable technological solutions include:


Integration of health systems to facilitate data sharing: We modernize the healthcare system to support the collection and management of electronic health information, achieve interoperability, and transform the delivery of care to patients.

Improvement of cost efficiencies in healthcare: By using data analytics, we can better predict clinical, financial, and operational needs to improve the cost-effectiveness of care and reduce and/or eliminate financial waste and fraud.

Mitigate health threats and enable response: We solve challenges in bio-surveillance, outbreak detection, disease prevention systems, health systems security, medical supply logistics and rapid disaster/emergency responses.


Banner’s full spectrum of engineering capabilities include lifecycle programmatic and sustainment engineering, systems engineering/technical analysis/integration, modeling and simulation; and systems engineering.